2016 American Advertising Federation (AAF) ADDY Award Winner
Silver ADDY | Illustration Series
Silver ADDY | Direct Mail Marketing
Client: NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association)
Brief: NSCA's recertification process happens every 3 years, and it's very complicated for NSCA's members to understand. It's also a process that members typically procrastinate on during their final year. I was tasked with creating a campaign that would be fun, engaging, have longevity for a full year of advertising and help members understand the process better. 
Solution: I used the metaphor of a camping trip and earning Boy Scout badges to translate the process of recertification to our members. I broke down the process into 4 simple steps and created an entire system of icons, illustrations, patterns to use in the process. The system was used on direct mail marketing and social media marketing. Recertification rates were higher than the previous recertification period, and it was well received by NSCA members. 
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