Every 3 years, the NSCA requires its members to recertify. It's a complex, tedious process where members often don't understand the process and wait until the last minute to complete their recertification. I was tasked with creating a year-long campaign that would accomplish 3 goals: explain the recertification process in a way that was easy to understand, encourage members to not wait until the December 31 deadline and increase recertification by 3% from the previous period.
The basic steps of recertifying reminded me of planning a vacation. For example, the second step was to collect their CEUs to report them online. This translated to me as creating a packing list. I used the travel metaphor to interpret the recertification process into a travel-themed campaign. The first component of the campaign was a direct mailer styled to look like an airline ticket wallet. Inside was a map to outline the recertification process, a passport and a sheet of stickers ("stamps") to allow a member to keep track of their earned CEUs for the year. The remainder of the year, the NSCA sent out 6 follow-up postcards, each highlighting a step in the process as well as a corresponding digital campaign, delivered via email and social media.
Illustrations by Luke Flowers Creative
Passport Wallet Kit Direct Mailer (Wallet Folder, 8-page passport-style booklet, sticker sheet, 2-page map flyer)
6 Follow-Up Postcards
Graphics for eBlasts, Social Media Outlets and NSCA Website
Art Direction
Design and Layout
Print Buying and Pre-Press Production
Project Management
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