Pikes Peak Community College Student Welcome Packet
Create a packet to send out to students who were accepted to PPCC to get them excited about attending the school. Provide an emotional connection to the students and showing them that a community college has many social options similar to a four-year university.
I wanted to design a fun, engaging piece that would prompt excitement from students. I wanted to focus more on the social and unusual options PPCC has. Each headline needed a strong visual to accompany it. I chose to cut out a photo so that the viewer wouldn't be distracted by the background and offer simple complimentary illustrations in the background to give the photos more dimension and engagement. I used corporate typefaces and colors, but gave the packet a younger feel with the photos and whimsical illustrations. Each packet includes a booklet brochure and a sticker. 
Art Direction, Design, Production, Print Buying
2018 American Advertising Federation (AAF) Colorado Springs | Silver ADDY
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