Postbox Books is a subscription-based company that provides "a book club in a box" for lower and upper elementary-aged children. The purpose is to encourage reading and interaction among kids, outside of any required school reading. Each month, the owner chooses a book and creates a kit around that book. The kit includes: 10 question cards, an activity card (contains a snack recipe based on the book and a craft project based on the book), a sticker and a sticker card where readers can keep track of their progress. Readers can also visit the Postbox Books website for additional downloads and activities for that month's book. 

The identity I created focused on a mailbox to fit with the company's name and the final delivery of the product. I used hand lettering to give it a youthful, playful feel. The descender on the "p" ends as a bookmark so that the identity will work on its own without the mailbox image. I choose primary colors to reflect the young age of the readers. The stickers and book titles on the activity cards are done in the style of a postmark. The business owner wanted custom packaging, but needed to stay on a budget. I created a custom-designed yellow packing tape and mailing label to give her boxes an unique feel, but saving on creating custom printed boxes. 

Logo Design
Activity Card
Sticker Card
10 Question Cards
Monthly Sticker
Shipping Label
Packing Tape
Art Direction
Design and Layout
Hand Lettering
Pre-Press Production
Project Management
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