NSCA National Conference | Event Branding

// CLIENT CHALLENGE The NSCA's National Conference is their largest educational event for members. It has a wide range of attendees from college students to personal trainers to strength coaches to researchers. The conference content is tailored to a variety of "tracks" including strength and conditioning, research, nutrition, personal training and research. The branding for the conference needs to find a way to incorporate the numerous audience groups and session categories as well as be exciting and engaging to a variety of genders, ages and professions. It had to be a vector-based design because the graphics would be incorporated into small web buttons and large-scale signage and booth graphics. // INSIGHT When I heard the long list of attendee demographics and session types, my first thought was how is a large amount of information typically organized? I immediately thought of maps——they have to put a large amount of intricate information into an easily digestible format. After examining the different categories, I thought the best idea was to give the event a subway theme. Almost all audience groups have taken public transportation in their lives so they would have experience reading a map, and it was a way to include everyone, but show how the different topics cross-over and meet at one main station: the NSCA's National Conference. // DELIVERABLES 2 Direct Mailers | Postcard and Brochure On-Site Signage and Trade Show Booth Graphics Email Marketing Graphics for Social Media Outlets and NSCA Website Collateral Event Materials: Program Book, App Graphics, Attendee Badges, PowerPoint Template Advertisements in Outside Trade Journals and Magazines // ROLE Art Direction Design and Layout Print Buying and Pre-Press Production Project Management

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