NSCA Career Development Guide | Book

// CLIENT CHALLENGE The NSCA provides an array of educational content to its student members looking to begin a career in strength and conditioning or personal training. Two years ago, they began providing a Career Development Guide as a member benefit strictly for students. It contained sections of articles divided by career path written by prominent, experienced members in the Association. The second edition was double in size at 96 pages and contained 4 sections. The challenge was fitting large amounts of copy into a limited page count and ensure there was enough differentiation in the layout that it could remain engaging. // INSIGHT The Career Development Guide is a challenging piece due to the large amounts of content, minimal amount of visuals and tight budgets for production. I decided to use a magazine-style layout with the Guide in order to create variety and engagement with the reader. I mixed up the column amounts and widths and added visuals such as pull quotes and stock photography to break up the text. I distinguished each section by color coding it and using a section divider that was solid gray and tore out so members could keep their checklist handy. // DELIVERABLES 96-Page Perfect Bound Book // ROLE Art Direction Design and Layout Print Buying and Pre-Press Production Project Management

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