Logo Design: Colorado Laser Dentistry

// CLIENT CHALLENGE Colorado Laser Dentistry wanted to update their brand identity as part of a marketing plan to gain more patients. The client wanted a modern design that would emphasize their laser technology, stand out from the competition and look clean and professional. The practice's was primarily families and individuals needing specialized care in an upper-middle class income bracket. // INSIGHT During my research, I found that the majority of dental practice logos look the same—soothing blue tones, simple illustrations of teeth or abstract lines. The client said their laser technology separated them from other dental practices in the area, so I wanted the logo to be as unique as the practice. I created an illustration of a tooth that had intersecting lines inside to represent the laser technology. I used a modern, sans-serif typeface that would be clean and professional and compliment the lines of the tooth. Finally, I chose a bold yellow that would catch attention from patients, stand out from the typical sea of blue and represent the bold lasers. // DELIVERABLES Logo Design Letterhead, Envelope, Business Card // ROLE Art Direction Design and Layout

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