Amperism Cotton Bureau Tee

// CLIENT CHALLENGE Cotton Bureau is an online tee shirt shop with a curated, limited-edition collection of designs. The company supports artists, designers and illustrators by producing their designs on shirts and releasing them for a limited amount of time. Design choices are highly curated and not all submissions are accepted. Furthermore, designs must acquire a minimum of 12 sales in 14 days in order for Cotton Bureau to produce the shirt. // INSIGHT I began learning hand lettering with the new year. My love of typography and need for a new challenge spurned this attempt at a new art form. The ampersand is my favorite typographic glyph, because of the possibilities it has for elaborate flourishes and design. I did a hand lettered ampersand that I then digitized on the computer. I filled it with dots to represent the painting style, pointilism, which is one of my favorites. // DELIVERABLES Tee Shirt // ROLE Hand Lettering Digitize Design

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