2017 NSCA Recertification Campaign
Create a year-long campaign to promote the NSCA's recertification process. Develop a metaphor that will make the complicated process easier to understand, engage the audience throughout a full year and distinguish itself from NSCA corporate brand.
The NSCA's recertification process is quite complicated, lengthy and confusing. I designed a full campaign using a camping metaphor to help NSCA members better understand the process. I broke the recertification steps into relatable steps used in camping such as scouting your route, packing, checking in with the rangers, and finally, earning your recertification badge. The theme was developed into an introductory direct mail piece (the Recertification Survival Kit—pictured above), 6 follow-up postcards, a year-long social media campaign and environmental signage for the NSCA's National Conference. 
Art Direction, Design, Hand Lettering, Illustration, Print Buying, Mailing Services, Production
Printing Notes
Trail Guide printed using a spot gloss UV coating on the lettering on a cover with soft-touch aqueous.
2016 American Advertising Federation (AAF) Silver Addy
Illustration Series​​​​​​​
2016 American Advertising Federation (AAF) Silver Addy
Direct Mail Marketing
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